Thursday, 12 April 2007


We know how stressful sending your submissions and competition entries out there can be, and then how irritating it is to have to wait to hear whether you've been accepted/rejected, won or lost. So, the Shots team has decided to offer you all the opportunity to 'Track your submission'.

Basically, if you can stand the waiting no longer, send us an email (Include 'Track Submission' in the subject line please) asking what's going on, and we will tell you. No beating around the bush, if your comp entry hasn't made the grade you will be told, if you're still in the process of being judged, you will be told. Also whether or not your piece is appearing in the next issue, as soon as we know, you will know.

We hope that this will make the ordeal of submitting for new writers a little easier, so please, don't email every day! Wait until you can stand it no longer, or if you want to send your piece to as many places as possible but need to wait to hear whether it's been accepted for publication in Shots first, in your submission email, tell us that you want to track your submission, and in the hour that it's been decided, an email will be dispatched to you to let you know.

Happy writing!

The Shots Team